Wednesday, December 23, 2009


*Holla aloud*
Welcome back I.STYLEZ loyal shoppers :)

First and foremost, i.Stylez owe all our loyal shoppers/viewers an apology for your patience and effort to check out i.Stylez website regularly up till today even though it has been inactive for several weeks. This was due to the year end arrangement by our management for the past weeks but one thing for sure now, i.Stylez is definitely not closed down and instead, i.Stylez is back in action with a whole new image and style.

It is going to be a brighter side and a new start ahead for i.Stylez with the upcoming brand new year 2010. A whole year through of feasting your eyes with the amazing lined up collections awaiting to be in your possession and with guarantee, there will be consistency of updates by the newly organized set up of i.Stylez e-fashion house. Enjoy~

Last but not least, not forgetting to mention the utmost important highlight of the year...
*Bonjour Shoppers*
We have added in handbag category as part & parcel of our products to compliment well with our latest range of clothings. Be amazed by checking it out by yourself.

Have fun shopping with i.Stylez once again!

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